Welcome to my new site!

Hey y'all - Welcome to my blog. I've updated the look!

You like? Hope so!

And.... I changed the niche for my blog , too. Not to worry. I will continue to add beauty trends and beauty products that I love.

But I am expanding my niche. I am going to be adding blogger tips, blogger resources, and will be offering services to help you grow your blog.

Check out my services here.

That's right, friend! It's up!

By hosting the Dallas Black Bloggers community, I have totally changed my outlook to blogging. The blogging community is lively and thriving. Blogging is more influential than you think.

Let me share an example for insight. When you Google "how to start a podcast," most likely you will visit a website who shares their opinion on the type of equipment or software you should use to begin your podcast. That is a blog.

Or when you are on YouTube looking up "how to start a podcast" someone is still sharing their opinion, but as a visual form of content. Also, known as a vlog. Blog. Vlog. You get me? Okay! It's the same thing, y'all.

What's changing for SoKayla blog?

Not much.

I will be adding blogger tips/advice for any new blogger and  for any existing blogger.

Now, there are tons of information on different blog sites about what to do and how to do it.

The only different about the SoKayla Blog is I have researched for hours about the things I will share with you on my site. I will share examples from my blog and/or connect other people's blog sites who have helped my blogging journey.

The blogging journey is not easy, but I am here to help you!

So I am back friends!!!