The Pinterest Workshop Recap

Thank you all so much for your support. DBB would not be able to continue without you.

The Pinterest Workshop was one of the proudest moments for #DBB. As a blogger, I want to keep up with the most relevant information for my blog's success. And I want to share that information with my audience, and this workshop helped!

Our instructor, Melissa, created the blueprint for the Pinterest workshop. Our attendees received a full worksheet booklet, which included checklists, additional tips, and a section for notes. She shared her top tips on how to gain more traffic to your blog by using Pinterest. Melissa educated us by sharing Pinterest is the second largest search engine for images behind GOOGLE. Learning a tip like this raised much interest. Melissa showed us her personal Pinterest account and the tools she used to gain as much as 115K monthly viewers to her Pinterest site.

Before you leave, I want to share 3 things I learned from the Pinterest workshop.

1. Make sure your Pinterest pins/boards stay on brand. To assure this tip, create a designated color theme. Select the perfect combination of fonts, colors, and photos.

2. Consistently post your pins. Melissa shared with us that the more consistent you are on Pinterest, the more relevant your content becomes. Remember the IG algorithm? Applies here, too!

3. Schedule your pins. Melissa suggested releasing 10 - 15 pins a day. Sounds impossible? It's not! There are tools, like Tailwind, where you can connect your Pinterest account and it releases your pins based on the dates/times you select. That helps with anxiety, allows your content to stay up to date, and allows those pins to work themselves!

I want to give a special thank you to our dope ass blogger babe, Melissa Nikohl. None of this would be possible without your help and guidance. You are a true gem to the #DBB family and we appreciate you. Continue to be amazing, Melissa!

Pinterest Workshop Host | SoKayla Blog

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All photos by: @phoenixmichelephotography