TheMox Eyewear

Sunglass season is upon us, regardless of COVID-19.

The sun is still bright and it is hot in Texas. And when we go outside to grab those essential items, we've got to protect ourselves. That includes your eyes, too. Which is why TheMox eyewear is one of my essentials. =)

Have you ever been stopped and asked about something you are wearing? Well, I get stopped each and every time I wear my eyewear from TheMox. I mean, it's the perfect accessory to complete my wardrobe. And I am more than pleased to share where I got my glasses from.

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TheMox is an online boutique dedicated as a consignment and sunglasses shop. TheMox aspires for every fashion enthusiast that lives inside of us to display what we feel in our own unique styles. Whether you style ranges from bold, to funky, or simply classic, TheMox has the items for you.

I have been rocking my eyewear from TheMox for a couple of years. I love the different style of eyewear she offers.  Currently, I have two pair of sunglasses and two pair of eyeglasses. All of them are the BOMB!

Check out the slides to see the glasses I have.

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Photos By Ameer Images.

Photos Edited by Me on FaceTune.