The 2020 Exposure Recap

Hey lovebirds!

First and foremost, I want to thank you all so much for making The 2020 Exposure my largest event to date!

Dallas Black Bloggers presented The 2020 Exposure as a way to network and connect other like-minded individuals together. The 2020 Exposure was also created to allow meaningful relationships to curate and increase individuals' own brands, businesses, or themselves for the new year. And boy - DID WE!

There were so many creatives under one roof. There were photographers, consultants, meal planners, and life coaches present; just to name a few. I can't express how exciting it was to see those connections being made. The positive energy and love could not be measured.

Special thank you to our sponsors of the event:

-So So Good Cooking

-The Culture Supplier

-Austin Eastciders

-A1 Freight Management

-Angie's Meal Planning

Lastly, I feel so blessed to host the Dallas Black Blogger community, and so thankful to have met new bloggers. I feel I was able to connect with everyone and hope every one understood how appreciative I am for them.

As this year continues, I want to share with you that the time is NOW.

To build your tribe, to start that blog, to create that content; whatever your desire, but the time is now.

Do not be afraid to accomplish your goals.