Duet Beauty Review

Hey lovebirds! When you think of cruelty free makeup, what's the first thing to come to your mind? What if I said “handmade, cruelty free makeup?” Good! I got your attention. I forgot to mention makeup with multiple cosmetic uses. Okay girl! Let me introduce you to Duet Beauty.

Duet Beauty is a vegan cosmetic line with a focus on natural beauty and easy application. Duet Beauty uses color balm sticks for easy apply to the lips, cheeks, and eyes. Also, all of their products are handmade. This includes their eco-friendly packaging and the color balm sticks.

The package I received from Duet Beauty was my first PR package. (I am still so excited about it to this day.) It featured a customized note inside of a beautiful, light blue Duet Beauty box. The gift inside included three (3) balm sticks in the colors pink sands, deep blue sea, and salt water island.

As I explored the products, I applied them to the back of my hand as swatches. Immediately, the product lived up to its description. The product was smooth and super color pigmented. It melts into the skin as a balm-like product should. Next, I wanted to make sure it had multiple uses. I decided to create a look. I started with the deep blue sea color as the base of my eyeshadow. Then I used the salt water island as my lipstick. Lastly, I used the pink sands as the highlighter on my nose. Each product matched my skin tone perfectly.

To conclude, the Duet Beauty products are incredible. The products are highly pigmented and the multiple uses are a plus. Duet Beauty has created a recognizable cosmetic line. Also, they have different colors available to meet your needs and accompany all skin tones. And according to the YouTube beauty gurus, products with a shade range for all skins tones are fundamental to the success of a cosmetic company.

Be sure to check out Duet Beauty’s website and follow their Instagram page. I do!