Lip Bar Ambassador

I am an ambassador for The Lip Bar.

Like officially officially. Like - it's official!

I am so excited to share this news with you all. Not because I am a brand ambassdor but because I truly am a fan of The Lip Bar.

Quick History

I was introduced to The Lip Bar in 2018. During this time, the movement for 'matte lip' were trending. A lot of YouTube influencers were playing with colored lips and I became obsessed. I came across The Lip Bar products from YouTube, as well. I noticed the many different colors that were perfect towards any skin tone. So I purchased all the lipsticks.


A natural hair expo was happening in Dallas, and I noticed The Lip Bar was seeking ambassadors to bring friends to the expo and to their booth. I reached out to them directly and was approved to be an ambassador.

I was elated!

I was able to meet the CEO of The Lip Bar, Melissa Butler. She is a boss! I learned so many things from her that single day.

For one, she knows her products. Any customer questioning their color choice or seeking a nude lip color, she knew EXACTLY the product. She nailed the perfect match each time.

Secondly, she is about her business! At one point, she was taking photos with customers in line, then she was on stage speaking on a panel, then she was back picking colors for customers.

A real boss! It was a total treat to see Melissa in action.

So what does this all mean??

It means I got the plug on lipsticks!

LOL! Not exactly, but I do have a discount code for you!

My discount code allows you to receive 20% off your order and shipping is only $2.99.