How to Start a Blog

Are you looking to start your own blog? That's great!

You are in the right place to begin your new blogging journey. I have constructed 4 easy steps for you to start your own blog.

Now, there is a lot of information on the web that shares ways on how to start your own blog. Many blogs shares the type of software, equipment, and information you may need to start your own blog.

However, many of these same blogs try to sell you their "ultimate blogger kit" that may not have all of the necessary tools you may need to start your own blog.

That's where I come in!

I'm going to share a couple of easy steps to help you getting started with your blog.


Let's define what a blog is.

A blog is information, opinions, or topics, published on a website in accordance with the author's point of view. You may consider blogging as an online diary or journal. Experts believe the purpose of a blog is to connect with an audience who creates to the topic at hand.

That means what you think is a good topic that you ant to talk about, you should begin a blog. And that's the first step.

Step 1. Select a niche for your blog.

You are ready to start your blog. So what are you going to talk about? Not sure?

Well, selecting a topic (or niche) for your blog can be difficult and may take some research. But understanding the value of your topic can outlet your competition.

Also, you can determine what your niche is by learning who your readers are and what they are looking for.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • what are you likes, passions, or expertise?

  • who is your target audience?

  • what is your audiences' likes or passions?

  • what value would you bring to your audience?

  • are you solving a problem for your audience?

The answers to these questions should help you select the perfect niche for your blog.

Step 2. Select a blog name.

Okay! You have selected your niche.

Now what shall we call it?

To select a blog name, I would suggest a few things.

The name of your big should set the tone for your readers. It lets the readers know what to expect from your blog and how it relates to them.

Also, understanding and locating who your target audience is can help shape the name of your blog.

Be sure to select a name that is easy to spell and/or say.

You are halfway there!

You have the niche and the name of your blog. Now what?

To view the remaining two steps on how to start your blog, click here to download.