The Lip Bar Review

Hey lovebirds! What's your favorite thing to add to your

makeup routine? Mine is adding highlighter to my nose and to my cupid's bow. Adding highlighter to those areas create attention to my lips. My very last step is adding lipstick, because I love all things beauty related! But sometimes it's hard to pick a lipstick color. Furthermore, it's hard to find the perfect nude color.

In January 2019, I saw a campaign on Instagram that claimed to have the perfect nude for any skin tone. It was The Lip Bar. The Lip Bar's "New Nude" campaign featured 16 different nude lipsticks that guarantees one can find their perfect nude. And I did.

The Lip Bar is a beauty brand that is vegan and cruelty-free. They have lipsticks, lipglosses, and liquid mattes as focal point of their brand. There is a variety of colors to compliment all skin tones.

I was introduced to The Lip Bar in the beginning of 2018. My friend, a FAMU alumi member, mentioned this new lipstick brand that was going to take over the beauty industry. After research, I noticed the internet was already going crazy over the lipsticks and The Lip Bar was launching in select Target store. Also, I noticed The Lip Bar had a wide range of lipstick shades. I grabbed all the colors Target had, and I knew I was a loyal customer.

The first lipgloss I fell in love with was "trophy wife." It had the correct amount of sheer and gloss I needed to keep it cute and simple. The first lipstick I fell in love with was "goals." The first liquid matte I fell in love with was "umimpressed," and for obvious reasons.

Quick background: The Lip Bar was founded in 2011. The Lip Bar appeared on the tv show "Shark Tank" in 2015. One of the sharks projected the future of this company with a hateful statement that fueled The Lip Bar's CEO, Melissa Butler, to prove them wrong. Also, Melissa is a boss! I was a brand ambassador for The Lip Bar at a beauty expo, and Melissa was there. She knew each and every one of her lipstick colors when she offered them to customers.

Fast forward, The Lip Bar is boomin! They have new lipstick colors, and a store front in Detroit.

The Lip Bar is my favorite, y'all. The fact that a black-owned business is shaking up the beauty industry is electrifying. I enjoy the authenticity of a brand that I can relate to. These are the things that create loyalty with brands. Not to mention how amazing their products are.

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