3 Reasons for a Content Calendar

3 Reasons You NEED a content calendar

It's been a week since you've posted to your blog and to your social media accounts. You know you need to make a post. But what should the post be about?

You sit and think of five different posts. You try to organize a date and time to post and.... another week has gone by without a post.

Well, friend - I'm here to help you. Because you need a content calendar.

What's a content calendar?

A content schedule is a visual representation for any of your upcoming content activity. A content calendar allows you to schedule what and when to post on any time frame. A content calendar helps keep your content organized and easy to navigate.

There has been much talk regarding the benefits of a content calendar. Experts at CoSchedule believe a calendar, of any sort, can help lead to the success of your blog.

One thing is certain, consistency is key to growing any online platform.

Now, we all know that trying to stay organized can be a challenge. And it can be overwhelming. But keeping a content calendar can help.

I have discovered 3 reasons why you need a content calendar.

1. Stay organized.

For some, making a list and checking it twice is a real task.

Quick question. On a scale of 1 to 10, how organized are you? Too shame to share? It’s okay.

Keeping track of your upcoming content is a part of being organized. You can stay organized by creating a to-do list, or by having colorful post-it notes on your bathroom mirror. Whichever you think is best, go for it!

Just be sure to place all of these ideas in one central location for you to see them often.

I would suggest having a journal or create a visual board to write all of your ideas down.

2. Forecast your content.

As a content creator, you can predict the future.

You know for Christmas, everyone is going to be posting holiday content. ALL MONTH LONG. Guess what? You should, too.

If you know a trend or holiday is coming, you should create content for that time frame. Of course there will be unpredictable times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can adjust your content. You can use the unprecedented time as content or you can go back to the regular schedule.

Nevertheless, predicting your content can help identify marketing goals, locate what your targeted audience is doing, and understand the best platform you will share your content on. This is part of the planning process.

3. Less stress.

Many bloggers post to their blog sites daily. Could you do that? I think I could, but it would be a challenge.

To feel less stressed, you must set intentional goals with your blog.

With a content calendar, time is on your side. You can plan, predict, and organize your content in a manner that is sure to benefit your blog site and bring some peace into your life.

Like, doesn't that make you feel better already? Being stress-FREE will help your mind be clear and ready to set other new goals for your blog. Also, a content calendar will allow you to spend more time away from the computer and time doing the things you enjoy.


The more often you post, the more you stay on track with your content. You stay relevant and your audience is more engaged with the content you are sharing with them.

By having a content calendar, everything is in one central location. That will make you feel so good. Distractions are at a minimal and your focus stays right where it needs to be. Which is on your content.

Writing and planning on your calendar will keep you organized and consistent and it will keep you on track!

Look! Take your content and your blog to the next level. Having a content calendar by your side will keep you ahead of your competition. Your content calendar can assist with new and innovative ways for you to interact directly with your audience.

The point of planning your content is to keep you on top of your blog and solidifies your role as a content creator.

It’s your time friends. =)

Download your content calendar here.