I have always been known to gather people for a special occasion.  Whether the gathering is for a celebration or just with family.  I have a niche to connect like minded individuals with each other in hopes of creating as much positivity within their community as possible.


In August 2019, I started Dallas Black Bloggers.  I was pursuing a way to meet new bloggers.  Upon attending local events, I noticed there was a void missing within the blogger community.  The main thing was it was not welcoming for new comers.  And that's how Dallas Black Bloggers was created.  I want everyone to feel welcomed amongst the Dallas Black Blogger community.  I want to encourage a new meaning to the state of black bloggers and increase visibility to our blogs while supporting each other. 

So far, I have had the incredible opportunities to create, learn, and meet bloggers within the Dallas area.  It has been such a blessing to host the #DBB community.  Our events have included coffee meetups, brunches, and photo shoots.

I am proud to be a Dallas Black Blogger.


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